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Weinlos School is located in the Ridgewood neighbourhood of Mill Woods. Our school population reflects the unique nature of a multicultural community, multi-lingual backgrounds and a varied socio-economic neighbourhood. Weinlos School is developing strong links between the school and community through interaction and collaboration with community stakeholders. 









Student Records Request System (SRRS)

In September 2012, Edmonton Public Schools started using an online system to receive and fill, requests for student records from out-of-district schools. The new system involves three simple steps for requesting jurisdictions:

  • they must make their request for a student record through our secure and user friendly website;
  • they must allow two days for us to verify and process requests; and
  • once the requesting jurisdiction has received an email from us, they must click on the link provided to access the digital student record. The link is active for 10 days.

Click on the link for an External Information Sheet  for schools to send to jurisdictions requesting records.

If you are curious....

Below is a link that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for external school jurisdictions requesting a student record from Edmonton Public Schools. 

Guide to on-line student record request system:


Link to the on-line student request system for external schools:


If schools requesting student records have any questions, please refer them to Central Records at 780-497-7489.